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Planet vs. Plastics

Guide to accompany book display for Earth Day 2024 theme of Planet vs. Plastics.

Plastic pollution and planet earth floating in water

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Beyond Plastic Pollution

Beyond just looking at plastic pollution in the ocean, encourages looking at the broader picture of related topics such as: single-use plastics, edible food packaging, fast fashion, and other types of waste minimization.

Use the topical tabs on this guide to navigate to other core topics surrounding plastic pollution.

How You Can Help!

Learn More About It!
Click on the tabs to the left to explore the issues and take interactive quizzes.

Using the Toolkit:
Complete at least 1 activity.
Complete 5 activities in a week.
Make a small lifestyle change.
Share ideas with friends & family.

This guide was made to accompany the April 2024 book display:
Planet vs. Plastics

We hope you discover something new and interesting!

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Lorrie Pellack

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