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DEI Books: New Titles

New DEI books acquired by ISU Library, July 2020 and on

New Titles @ ISU Library


This Guide provides lists of some of the ISU Library's new books related to diversity, equity, inclusion, racism, antiracism strategies, social justice, and related topics. Use the monthly tabs on the menu here to view lists for those months. 


Why these lists?  Due to the pandemic and safety measures put into place, the ISU Library closed temporarily in mid-March 2020. Preparing for reopening for Fall 2020, Parks Library had to dismantle the browsing collections (Leisure and New Titles) in the Fireplace Reading Room as a way to lessen the foot traffic and gatherings in that space. Many new DEI titles had been shelved there intentionally for greater visibility. We have heard from many of you that you loved seeing those books present and visible in our Library. Although the library reopened in Fall 2020, safety measures are still in place and books are still not placed in the Fireplace Reading Room. We know that making these books visible also means they get checked out more too! Well, here they are online for you for the time being. Enjoy browsing, and stay safe!

For questions or comments on this Guide please contact Susan Vega García.