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Graduate Students: Everything you need to know about the Library... but were afraid to ask!

Library Orientation for Grad Students & Post Docs

Workshops at the Library

Visit our Library Workshops Guide for information about our workshop series! Includes dates and registration info for current workshops, and links to recordings of selected past workshops.


DR Readership Map - ISU Theses & Dissertations

This map shows real-time access and readership of ISU dissertations and theses available in the Digital Repository.  It's a great visualization of the reach your thesis or dissertation will have!

After graduation, your thesis / dissertation will be added to the DR!  In addition, you can begin building your research & scholarly works portfolio now in the DR and especially its Selected Works gallery. What can you include?

  • Your journal articles & manuscripts
  • Conference proceedings, presentations, posters
  • Your artwork, creative / technical designs, and more!

Just think how spiffy your portfolio will look to your profs and prospective employers! You can continue to update after you've graduated as well. See this brochure for more info!

HELPFUL BOOKS - Use Quick Search to find many more!


A big part of your life as a graduate student or post doc will be spent on writing! Here are links to relevant resources and services at the Library, at ISU, and available on the web.