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ENGL 314: Technical Communication

Course guide for English 314: Technical Communication

Books on Technical Writing Available at Parks Library

In addition to the electronic resources listed in this guide, there are many print materials available at Parks Library. Search for "Technical Writing" and select the "Books & more (ISU Collections)" link. This will provide a list of all books the library owns (print and ebooks). You can view ebooks only by selecting the "Full Text Online" link under the search results.

Ebooks on Technical Writing

Course Description

Theories, principles, and processes of effective written, oral, visual, and electronic communication of technical information. Attention to major strategies for analyzing and adapting to audiences in various communication situations and composing technical discourse including organizing visual and verbal information. Extensive practice in many areas of technical communication, including instructions and procedures, proposals and reports, website analysis and design, and individual and team presentations.

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