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This is a guide to participating in the Library's transcription projects.

Types of Images and How to Transcribe Them

Image example from the 1914 yearbook.

Use [image] to indicate that there is an image somewhere on the page.



Student portraits

Use [images] where multiple images exist in a group, such as for student portraits. You do not need to indicate each of these images separately.



Enrollment chart

You can use [image] to indicate photographs, illustrations, charts, or other  visual content.




You do not need to use [image] when there are decorative elements such as illustrated page backdrops, icons, elaborate horizontal lines, etc. These should be ignored.

Baby Cy in parade

Transcribe captions or image titles.

The image above would be transcribed as follows:


Far Above: ISU Pep Band entertains onlookers during the VEISHEA parade. The "rowdies" form the Pep Band as an offshoot of the Cyclone Marching Band. Klaus Kocher.

Above: Baby Cy takes a joyful ride with Aaron Stone for the Veishea parade. Klaus Kocher.

Right: Volleyball vs. the mud! The mud volleyball tournament added a new dimension to Veishea this year and was so well supported that it will be held again next year. Lisa Ellis.

Signs, Pennants, and Other Text in Images

Students holding sign in honor of hostage Terry Anderson.

Do not transcribe text found on clothing, pennants, signs, or other sources within the image itself.

Sometimes the title or caption of the image is actually embedded within the image itself. Use your best judgment as to whether text appearing within the border of an image is intended as a title or caption, or if's merely part of the content of the image.

The image above would be transcribed as



The text on the sign the students are holding would not be transcribed.

Embedded captions and titles


1941 image of a football player


This is an example of text within the confines of an image. However, this text is intended as the title  or caption of the image, so the text would be transcribed as follows:



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