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This is a guide to participating in the Library's transcription projects.

Write exactly what you see

  • Don’t correct spelling or grammar
  • These are historic documents and, as such, you may run across offensive material. Transcribe as is.

Ignore line breaks

  • Using complete words makes the text easier to search, even if the original word is split between lines and joined by a hyphen. Words that regularly include a dash can be kept that way, i.e. “so-so.”

Unclear content

  • If you can't tell what something says, indicate it like so: [unclear]
  • Or, if you have an idea of what it might say - [Abernathy?]

Unusual text layout

  • Some of the pages will have creative text layout and the text may not always be left to right, top to bottom.
  • Take into account the unusual layouts and transcribe the page in the way that makes sense to you.


  • You won’t be able to indicate if something is bolded or underlined in the transcription tool, so just concentrate on transcribing the words.
  • If multiple dashes or dots appear, you can just use three dashes or dotes (--- or … ) rather than typing out each dot or dash.

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