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Slytherin House 2019

A Python learning community for University Library faculty and staff.

Learning Group Description

Slytherin House is a learning community for faculty and staff of Iowa State University Library to give people space to develop their research skills and learn the Python programming language. It is a special initiative of the Research and Service Committee.

This learning community consists of three major parts:

1. The Book Club

Beginning January 25th 2019, we will be reading Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes and meeting twice a month in Parks Library 32 on Fridays from 3:30-4:30. The computer lab is reserved on Fridays unless otherwise noted from 3:30-4:30 for either book club or free time to work on practice problems. This book is available as an e-book through Safari Books.

2. The Software Carpentry Workshop

We are bringing in instructors from the Carpentries organization to teach an intensive two day Software Carpentry workshop during Spring Break 2019 on campus March 18-19 in Parks Library 198. Contact any member of the Slug Club to get the registration code and learn more at

3. The All Library Hackathon

We are currently in the process of organizing the first ever All Library Hackathon which will take place in mid-July 2019. We will be calling for potential projects, small or medium sized problems from different departments that could benefit from a cross-library team, after the Carpentries workshop.

Introducing the Slug Club

Jasmine Kirby - Research and Instruction -she/her/hers -

Windy City native and Harry Potter fan who thought it'd be cool to have a Python learning group.

Eric Schares - Research and Instruction - he/him/his -

Engineering librarian who’s read most of the first Harry Potter book.

Erin Thomas - Research and Instruction - she/her/hers -

Her patronus is a rabbit.

Rosalie Gartner - Special Collections and University Archives - she/her/hers -

Lead Processing Archivist, sorted into the Slytherin house but terrified of snakes.

Kris Stacy-Bates - Research and Instruction - she/her/hers -

Former math major who loves a good algorithm.