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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources for Engineering

Discover some of the resources at Parks Library that cover issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in engineering, and learn how to find more of these materials.

Biographies & profiles of women in engineering

Primary sources

Special Collections and University Archives (located on the fourth floor of Parks Library) is home to ISU's Archives of Women in Science and Engineering. This collection includes personal and professional papers of women in all areas of the sciences and engineering, except that of the medical sciences, as well as records of women’s organizations in these fields. Collections in the WISE Archives document a number of areas of the professional lives of individual women scientists and engineers, including their education, mentoring relationships, research, teaching, and professional careers in work settings primarily in universities and governmental agencies. The collections include both the papers of Iowa State alumni and faculty and women not affiliated with the university.

Articles & podcasts

Books in the library

The ISU Library also has many books on this subject in the general collection. A few are presented below, but many more can be found using the Library's Quick Search. One way to find more books on this topic is to do a subject search for "women engineers".

Biography databases

These databases provide biographical information about important and influential people throughout history. Profiles in biography databases are typically well-researched and are considered authoritative, but women in science tend to be seriously under-referenced in these tools. When women scientists or engineers are represented, they are overwhelmingly white. (American National Biography lists 1,963 biographies for men under the heading of "science and technology" and only 112 women. Biography in Context lists significantly more women, both scientists and engineers.)