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DEI Online Exhibits

ISU Library's online book exhibits related to diversity, equity & inclusion

Online Book Exhibits @ ISU Library


This Guide provides links to some of the ISU Library's online exhibits featuring books, films, and other materials related to heritage months, awareness weeks, diversity, equity, inclusion, racism, antiracism strategies, social justice, and related topics. These online exhibits have been created and curated by members of the Library's DEI Committee, and by Research Services librarians.

Why this Guide?  Due to the pandemic and safety measures put into place during 2020, the ISU Library's DEI Committee discontinued doing book exhibits inside the library building as part of many efforts to lessen foot traffic and increase physical distancing within the Library building. The good news is that the DEI Committee moved our book exhibits online since mid-March 2020 through Spring 2021. A few of our earlier exhibits or special events were born online, so we include them here as well.  

Why just these Guides? You've done more DEI book exhibits than these! Before mid-March 2020, we only did physical exhibits in the library building for most of our Book Exhibits. Those earlier exhibits are not represented here. As we produce additional DEI online exhibits we will include them here.


For questions or comments on this Guide please contact Susan Vega García.