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AGRON 342 / ENV S 342 / FS HN 342 : World Food Issues, Section XW

Search Tips

Use "and", "or" to link concepts:

  • (chocolate OR cacao) AND (effect* OR benefit*)

Use quotation marks if searching for an exact phrase:

  • "food insecurity" OR hunger

Truncate search terms if appropriate. Adding an * at the end of a word will search for alternate word endings. For example, clon* will retrieve cloning, clone, clones, clonal.

Finding Articles

The ISU Library subscribes to many different article databases. The complete list is available under "Article Indexes & Databases" on the Library's website.

NOTE: Many databases offer the ability to limit your search to just scholarly peer-reviewed articles and/or to just those with full-text. Look for these options on either the search page OR on the left side of the results page.

For class assignments - it is recommended you limit your search to articles published in the last 10 years.

Your Librarian

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