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Is Everyone Really Equal? Book Discussion Series

Ozlem Sensoy & Robin DiAngelo's Is Everyone Really Equal - Fall 2018 Library DEI Committee Book Discussion

What is the Panopticon?

Jeremy Bentham's Plan of the Panopticon, drawn by Willey Reveley in 1791.
Source: Wikipedia, Public Domain. Jeremy Bentham's plan of the panopticon, drawn by Willey Reveley in 1791.

Michel Foucault & the Panopticon

Philosophy Tube explains Foucault, the Panopticon, and current examples of surveillance.


Chapter 5: Oppression & Power - Definitions & Readings



  1. 1.
    "The prejudice and discrimination of one social group against another, backed by institutional power. Oppression occurs when one group is able to enforce its prejudice and discrimination throughout society because it controls the institutions. Oppression occurs at the group or macro level, and goes well beyond individuals. Sexism, racism, classism, ableism, and heterosexism are specific forms of oppression."
    Source:   Sensoy & DiAngelo, p. 61


Selected Books