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M E 466: Multidisciplinary Engineering Design

Guide to using library resources for students in ME 466.

Codes, Standards, and Specifications



The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) is the largest set of ASME standards owned by the ISU Library. While we do not have an annual subscription, the 2019 edition of the BPVC is currently available in the Standards Center. The library also owns print copies of many individual ASME standards. These can be found in ISU’s ANSI standards collection.


SAE International groups its standards into three sections: Ground Vehicle Standards, Aerospace Standards, and Aerospace Material Specifications. The ISU Library does not currently provide online access to any of the SAE standards sections.

Full text of SAE Ground Vehicle Standards, Recommended Practices, and Information Reports can be found in the SAE Handbook in the General Collection (TL151 S1 - the library has scattered years from 1937-2005).

Some Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) are in the General Collection for 1999-2003 (TL950 .A37x). The ISU Library does not own the Aerospace Standards section.

Some individual SAE standards, if they have been adopted by the American National Standards Institute, can be found in the ANSI standards cabinets (Room 161 Parks Library) and are listed in Quick Search on the Library homepage.

Descriptions of individual SAE standards are available through subject groupings at the SAE website.


These safety and health standards are located in Title 29, Part 1910 of the Code of Federal Regulations (In Reference at KF70 A3), which includes a comprehensive subject index. An electronic version of the standards with a searchable index is available on the OSHA website.


The ISO publishes international standards and technical reports on all subjects except those involved with electrical and electrotechnical industries. The best known ISO standards are the 9000 series, for quality management and quality assurance, and the 14000 series, for environmental management systems and environmental auditing. The ISU Library has a number of books on implementing ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 series standards, which can be found with a keyword search for "ISO 9000" or "ISO 14000" using Quick Search.

We have also individually purchased some ISO standards, on request, and these are available in the Standards Center (Room 161). To see if the ISU Library has a specific ISO standard, use Quick Search to find the standard in the collection, then take note of the call number and location. If the call number is ANSI/ISO, it will be in the ANSI collection in the Standards Center and filed under "ANSI/ISO." If the location is Standards Center and the call number is plain ISO, it will be in cabinets labeled ISO.

The ISU Library also has reprints of some ISO standards as part of a series called ISO Standards Handbook. To see which volumes we own in the series, search Quick Search for "ISO standards handbook" (with the quotation marks). Note: It is not possible to search for specific ISO standards listed in each of these volumes - you need to browse the table of contents to see which standards are in each volume.

As a last resort, check Google by either standard number or title - some ISO standards, usually older ones, may be available free on the web.

Other Standards

It's entirely possible that you may need standards, codes, or specifications published by an organization not covered on this page, or that you will need to identify useful standards on your own. If you need access to a standard that is not covered here or would like help finding relevant standards, contact your librarian.

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