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HD FS 581C: Lessons from Denmark: Exploring Life-Satisfaction, Happiness, and Hygge in the Happiest Nation on Earth

Parks Library

Getting Ahold of Books Outside of ISU


Requesting Books from Partner Libraries:

First log in to your library account using your library card number and password. In Advanced Search you can choose to Search in: Partner Libraries.  This is a process similar to ordering books to be delivered to or from the College of Design Reading Room or VetMed. However, you click "Check holdings" and "Get it from other libraries" and choose a library to have it delivered from. Then you'll see Request Options: and you click "Request" Make sure you set your pickup institution to ISU, I believe it's automatically set to Parks. Then click "Request."

To check the status of the book you click on your name to access your account. Click "My Library Card." From there where it says My Library Card 01IASU - Iowa State University with a down arrow click this and change the institution to the one you requested the book from. You should be able to get more information about your books from that institution including ones you requested. Similar to interlibrary loan you should receive your book within 5-10 days. This is a very new service so there are still bugs. 


Requesting Books from interlibrary loan and document delivery

If a book isn't available through our library or a partner library you still have options. You can also request the book or specific scanned chapters through interlibrary loan and document delivery. Go to and login using your ISU Net-ID and password to connect this account with our interlibrary loan system, ILLIAD, and enter in details about the book you want to request. You should receive a book within 5-10 days.


Using the Ames Public Library and Bookmobile

Your third option is to use the Ames Public Library. If you are an Iowa resident and have a photo ID and can prove your Iowa residency (such as having an electric bill from your apartment) you can get an Ames Public Library card  If you do not want to go all the way to downtown Ames, don't worry, you can obtain a library card and request books sent to the Bookmobile that stops in front of Parks Library on Thursdays from 11am - 1pm. With an Ames Public Library card you can also request popular books and ebooks that we might not have here at Parks Library.



Recommended Reads at Nearby Libraries

These books are linked to their records in World Cat which you can enter your zipcode and it will let you know where the nearest libraries with these books are located. With the exception of Ames Public Library, you do not have to go to these libraries to check out these books but it should give you an idea of how available they are and how long it may take to get ahold of these.

Other Recommended Reads

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