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Alumni Research Resources

Library resources uniquely available to ISU alumni.


Wireless data access is available throughout most of the Parks Library and branches.

Electrical outlets can be found in many areas including embedded in some study tables.

Yes, please feel free to use our computers!

Computer workstations are available in a variety of locations in the Parks Library and branch facilities, including labs, book stacks, and study areas.

Most of our workstations are unrestricted and do not require a specialized login.

  • All computers provide access to the e-Library and Internet - feel free to surf
  • All are equipped with USB ports to accommodate flash drives
  • All have word processing available to make it handy to write papers as you locate information you need
  • Most computers are networked to nearby laser printers or photocopiers. Alumni can send print jobs to a photocopier for 20 cents a page but we recommend downloading materials to a personal flash drive instead of printing (to save money)
  • Some computers also provide specialized hardware/software features, and/or printing capabilities. See Software Available in the LIbrary for more detailed information.

Free Scanners

Scanning books, journal articles, or other papers:
Self-serve scanners with friendly help screens are located in the Parks Library on Floor 1 (in the southwest corner of the Learning Connections Center) and in the Veterinary Medicine Library. These "face-up" book scanners are available during all open hours, and are free of charge. Users can choose to scan in full color, grayscale, or black and white. Output formats include JPEG, TIFF, and PDF. Scanning area is 17" by 24". Scanned files can be emailed or copied to a flash drive.

Scanning from microfilm:
The Media Center (room 002, Parks Library) is equipped with five self-serve digital scanners, allowing users to scan images from microfilm or microfiche at resolutions of 200 to 800 dpi. The scanning itself is free of charge. Users can email scanned images or copy them to their own flash drives or CDs, also free of charge.

Want Live Help?

  Call 515-294-3642 during open hours, or leave a message.