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U ST 275X: Integrative Undergraduate Research: Methods, Applications & Communication Strategies

Looking for a place to start with your research in your Integrative Undergraduate Research: Methods, Applications & Communication Strategies course? You've found it!


It can sometimes be difficult to find what has already been written about your area of interest when getting started with applied research. Luckily you have access to an extensive collection of resources and people to help you navigate and understand them!

This guide will help you understand how to find articles and specialized databases/indexes on your topic, how to track back articles from a bibliography or citation, walk you through the literature review research process, help you find citation guides and understand citation management software, provide you with frequently used links, and help you identify and contact your subject librarian. If you're looking for where to start, you've found the right place! Read through the rest of this landing page and start exploring the menu on the left to learn more!

Getting Started

When you're unsure where to start, you can begin by brainstorming or starting with general searches to help you come up with a more focused topic or help you explore search terms that are more focused or precise. This can be particularly helpful when you don't have much background knowledge on a given topic. Some places to start with this general brainstorming include:

Your Librarian

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