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This is a guide to participating in the Library's transcription projects.

Instructions for Transcribing the Bomb


  1. Navigate to the following website: 
    You will arrive at a page that looks like this:
  2. There are two ways to start contributing. You can either click “Sign-in” to create a profile, or you can contribute anonymously by just clicking “start.
  3. If you chose to make a profile you will need to navigate back to this page and click “start.”
  4. A year of the “Bomb” will appear after clicking “contribute now,” and you will be able to begin the transcription process!
  5.  Once you start contributing you will be asked two questions before you are able to transcribe a page. The questions include: a) Is the page blank? (If the page is blank, it will be skipped and you will be taken to the next page.) b) Does this page have text? (This meaning text, images with text, tables, page numbers, etc.)
  6. Then you can begin transcribing!! Here are a few tips for transcribing:
    • Transcribe exactly what you see
    • Use [Image(s)] to indicate if there is an image or images
    • Hand-drawn or illustrated titles should be treated as text rather than images
    • Transcribe captions or image titles
    • Do not transcribe text found on clothing, pennants, signs, or other sources within images.
  7. Once completed you can review the text and then submit the page
  8. Repeat the steps to transcribe more ISU moments!


Printable Instructions