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This is a guide to participating in the Library's transcription projects.


Table example from 1894

Use [table] followed by the column heading, then each line of the table. Separate column entries with a period.

Example using the above image:

[column headings: Name. Residence. Course. Age. Height. Weight. Shoes. Hat. Brain in Oz's Av. (estimated). Complexion. Self-Estimate.]
Austin, F. W. Spencer. C.E. 22. 5:10. 158. 7. 7 1/4. 42.3. Salad. Tough.

Tables of Contents

Table of Contents from 1941

Treat Tables of Contents like tables without column headings.

The image above would be transcribed as follows:



Student Government. 131.

Publications. 145.

Organizations. 161.

Judging Teams. 181.

Music and Drama. 185.

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