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New Faculty and TAs: Getting Started at ISU Libraries

Learn about Library resources & services relevant to you!

Come On In!

We can provide you with: one-on-one in-depth advice for research projects to either you or your students, a specialized library tour(s) tailored to your research areas, workshops and class presentations on specific library resources (e.g., how to use Web of Science or how to locate electronic journal articles), assistance in creating web guides to support your courses, and purchase materials for the collection based on your research needs.

We are especially interested in the needs of new faculty and your opinions and/or comments on whether or not the library collections meet your research needs. Please let your librarian know if you have suggestions for book purchases, or comments about gaps/holes you find in our collection.

SciTech at ISU Library

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ISU has a tradition of strong academic programs in the sciences and the Library collections reflect this. If you are looking for something and cannot find it via the Library website, please ask for assistance! Odds are pretty good that we really do have it! The Library also maintains an extensive collection of industry standards (current as well as historic) in the Standards Center in Parks Library (Room 161). If for some reason we do not have access to the research materials you need, they can usually be obtained from another library (via Interlibrary Loan) within 24-48 hours.

We are privileged to have a number of experienced librarians on staff who are subject specialists. Our job is basically: to help you learn what is available; to navigate library resources more easily; to teach ISU students how to find/use/evaluate library resources; and to acquire research materials in your subject area(s). Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist your use of library resources!

Specialized Resources

Specialized Resources

There are many unusual types of research resources in science and engineering areas. Some examples include conference abstracts, industry standards, proceedings, patents, preprints, protocols, technical reports and test methods.They all pose unique challenges for researchers.

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