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VM-4 Resources

This guide contains links to resources useful to fourth-year students in veterinary medicine.

Tips for Finding Sources

This presentation was given on April 1, 2010. Update: Although this presentation was 3 years ago, the information about PubMed, CAB Abstracts, and Web of Science is still relevant. The PubMed interface has changed since this presentation, but the search tips/strategies for all of the databases are still correct.


Course description: Grand Rounds presentations for the Class of 2014 begin on July 12, 2013.

Instructor:Dr. Stephanie Caston(

If you find other useful resources as you prepare for your presentation, please send your suggestions to Andrea to add this guide. Those resources may also help your classmates!

Click on the "Find Articles" tab of this guide for information about CAB Abstracts, PubMed, and other article databases.

If youwould likeadditional advice inhow to find resources for your topic, you may contact Andrea via email and schedule an appointment.

Additional Tips:

Ten Simple Rules for Making Good Oral Presentations