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ECON 385: Economic Development

Scholarly vs Popular Articles

The following sites have more information regarding the differences between scholarly and popular sources of information:

YouTube Resources

For those of you who learn better visually, here are some short (>2 minute) videos about identifying articles and citations.

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria were discussed in class on Wednesday, January 28. They can be applied to information that you find in books, magazine and journal articles, and websites.

  • Authority
    • Person(s) or organization
    • Background and qualifications
    • Reputation of the author or publisher

  • Purpose
    • Popular or scholarly treatment
      • Level of writing and the intended audience
    • Writing style
      • Informative or persuasive
      • Objective or arguing a side
  • Currency
    • Publication date
    • Currency of the references
    • Updates to information found on websites

  • Accuracy
    • Presence of references
    • Peer review system for scholarly literature
    • Quality of writing

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