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Cited Reference Searching: A How-To Guide

This guide covers search techniques and resources that offer the ability to search the list of references (or footnotes) found in journal articles, books, websites, etc.

New & Different Options

  • In Fall 2017, Google Scholar began offering the ability to mark records and export them en masse to EndNote or another reference management software.
  • January 2014, Web of Knowledge (the umbrella interface for all databases from this publisher) was renamed to Web of Science. What was Web of Science has been renamed Web of Science Core Collection.
  • Numerous online resources are now offering the ability to search within full-text articles.
  • Google Scholar now brings back citation results from Google Books.
  • Web of Science Core Collection offers the ability to create a "citation report" which provides aggregate citation statistics and graphs for a set of search results.
  • Web of Science Core Collection offers the ability to search for conference papers and locate cited reference information for these papers.
  • Much easier to find references to non-electronic articles, book chapters, technical reports, dissertations, etc.
  • Many resources provide hot links to the citing article so researchers can more easily move from one article to a related article and actually see it in context.
  • Many databases now offer researchers the option to be notified by email when another article is added to the database which cites a particular article.
  • Publishers are offering authors more options – including the option of linking their own articles on their personal website and some are beginning to supply authors with usage statistics for numbers of times their articles have been downloaded/viewed compared to other articles in the same journal.
  • Electronic documents can be tracked by URL – to see who links to a given web page.
  • University web pages can be tracked to show usage statistics – number of visits to a particular page/document.

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