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Open Access & Self-Archiving

There are many good reasons to choose to publish in an Open Access (OA) journal.  Your research may be more discoverable by colleagues and researchers worldwide.  You may also have more control over permissions to post and share your research with others. Posting copies of your research papers in ISU's Digital Repository or similar research repository is often called self-archiving.  

When you are considering journals for article submission and publication, it's very important to know in advance what are the journal's policies on copyright retention, self-archiving permissions, and more.

ISU's DR is a perfect way to share your scholarship completed at ISU. Be sure to review their brochure for more information.

Know Your Rights!

One of the main reasons to choose an Open Access journal is that you are more likely to be able to use your published article in ways that help you promote your work, such as posting it within an institutional repository or sharing it elsewhere.  But an increasing number of journals that are not totally Open are allowing authors to retain some rights over their articles too.

As an author, consider your rights when you're looking for suitable journals for your article. Important questions to ask:

  • Who will retain copyright of your article - you or the journal publisher? Do you have a choice?
  • What are you allowed to do with your article once it's published?
  • If you post it in an institutional repository or on a site like ResearchGate, will you be infringing copyright of your own work?

SHERPA / Romeo is a unique database that helps you know what rights specific journals will allow you to retain!

Just search your journal by name in Sherpa / Romeo.  You'll quickly see if you can retain copyright, and which version(s) of your work (pre-print, post-print, publisher's version) you can post ("self-archive") and where, plus any special conditions you'll need to follow.

sherpa romeo publisher policy description, with explanations of rights to archive different versions of record.

You can use the information you find to guide your decision on which journals to choose for your publications.

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