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AGRON 342 / ENV S 342 / FS HN 342 : World Food Issues, SECTION 2

This course is cross listed as 342 with: AGRON, ENV S, FSHN. This course guide is for students from the 342 class: World Food Issues: Past and Present.

A few Tips & Guidelines

You are not doing this poster project to convince others to agree with your opinion. No opinions are wanted. This poster is supposed to offer a non biased overview of the topic, which should include multiple viewpoints.

  • Images are not decorative. They are to be used as sources of information on the posters topic.
  • If an image does not add to my understanding of the poster issue, remove it
  • Posters should have well differentiated sections
  • Communicating via poster is not the same as a term paper. Be effective but use a different strategy
  • Base your poster off of quality information sources.


I am not suggesting that these are "perfect" poster examples because they are listed. They each have features that are positive and good poster design concepts. These will/were each discussed in class.