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Actions Speak Louder: Book Discussion Series

DEI Book Discussion Series for library management team and administrative cabinet

Questions On Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding

Reflection from last Session's content:

How have you used your porcelain in the past few weeks? Porcelain represents privilege and power. Have you guarded your porcelain or changed it to thali to benefit and empower others, particularly marginalized individuals or communities and those whose voices and perspectives may not be included?

Q1. Chapter 4 focuses on Recruiting. Many of the "Steps for Inclusivity" (pages 72-79) should look familiar especially to those of you who have served on a library search committee recently. 

Let's focus on number 9 on that list, which ask us to consider what we have done "...that would make marginalized people think this would be a place where they are welcome." The library's DEI Statement says:   

The University and the Library value the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  No one person or single committee can be responsible for creating and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive workplace environment where all people can feel they belong. This responsibility belongs to all of us as members of the Library.

In your breakout room discuss the following: In the context of recruiting and hiring, what are your ideas on how we can each enact our DEI statement above to help communicate our "DEI brand," what can we individually do to make marginalized people think this would be a place where they are welcome? (And to whom do we communicate it? And when?)

Q2: Chapter 5 focuses on Hiring. Most of the library's hiring practices are determined by ISU HR. However, one new idea in this chapter is the concept of "aggressive transparency" (pp 97-99). The author provides a list of 18 questions for determining transparency throughout the search process. The author suggests that transparency may help " the hiring process was as inclusive as possible."

Review the list (pp 97-99):

  • In terms of transparency: Which items do you think the library is doing well (PLUS),  and which ones do you think need improvement (DELTA)?
  • In terms of inclusion, same thing - which ones do you think the library is doing well, and which ones do you think need improvement?

What are your thoughts on how to improve Delta areas? Which ought to be prioritized?


Q3. Chapter 6 focuses on Onboarding. The library has been considering changes to its onboarding processes. Think about how your unit / department onboards new employees, and think about how the library-wide onboarding program has worked.

In your breakout room discuss the following: 

  • At the unit/departmental level, how do you currently incorporate your commitment and the library's commitment  to DEI (pp 116-117)?
  • What new ideas did you see in this chapter that could be helpful for improving inclusion in onboarding processes at both the unit / departmental level and library-wide?