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Innovation Center Fellows: Library Resources

This is a guide for Student Innovation Center Fellows to use as they work on their research projects.

Consulting Firm Research

Consulting firms produce research about their areas of expertise that are a great source of information for SIC Innovation Fellows projects. Below are are links to research from major consulting firms:

  • McKinsey & Co. -  - clicking on links in the “Industries” tab on the menu bar will take you to reports for that sector

  • Boston Consulting Group - - clicking on links in the “Industries” tab on the menu bar, then select “latest thinking” for reports

  • Citigroup – Citi for Cities – Insights section has reports, video gallery and infographics primarily focused on social innovation

  • Deutsche Bank – Products and Topics – Sectors and Resources section has industry sector reports. There doesn’t appear to be a way to sort them

  • Jeffries Financial – Jeffries Insights – The main page for all their thought content. The Strategic Content can be sorted by topic.