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Innovation Center Fellows: Library Resources

This is a guide for Student Innovation Center Fellows to use as they work on their research projects.

Citation Manuals

Documenting the sources you've used gives you credibility and credits the work you're using for your project.

Citation Management

An important part of project management is keeping track of resources you find. Zotero is a citation manager that can help with track or articles, books and other resources. It also can format reference lists and is compatible with Google Docs.

Keeping Up With Research

Publications happen. All. the. time. Keeping up with research can be difficult, but these tools will make it a breeze.

Alert Services: A How-to Guide

     Using an alert service can keep you up to date on research on a topic of interest. This guide will take you through the steps to set up alerts for your topic of interest.

Cited Reference Searching: A How-To Guide

     Cited reference searching is following research forward in time and seeing how it has been used by others. For example, say you have an article from 2016. By doing cited reference searching, you can find out who has cited that research since it was published and how that research has been used by others.

Finding, Using and Evaluating Information

Library 160 is your gateway to learning how to be an effective researcher and innovator. The concepts learned in this class will help you in all your coursework and projects. The readings for Library 160 are available for consultation for your entire time at ISU.

Library 160 Guide

Library 160 Course Readings