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BIOL 354L: Animal Behavior (labs)

This guide is for students enrolled in BIOL 354L: Laboratory in Animal Behavior.

Questions to Ask

Before you save a file or share a reference with your group, it's a good idea to make sure it might actually be useful. That way, you won't end up with folders full of identical-seeming PDFs that you have to analyze and evaluate later, when time is at even more of a premium.Considering answering the following questions for each source of information you use:

  • What did you read?
  • Who created it?
  • Why do you think it is credible?
  • Why is it valuable for the project?
  • How can you use the information it in your project?
  • Should your team members read it?
  • Does it raise important questions to ask your instructor?
  • Does it identify a need for more reading materials?

This list was adopted from Integrating Information into the Engineering Design Process, by Jim Clarke.

You might even want to think about including this information in the form of comments on files uploaded to a shared group folder, or notes attached to citations in a group library in a citation manager.

Manage Citations

You probably know that it's extremely important to cite the original sources of the information you used in your project. But if you're like most people, you aren't thrilled by the idea of having to collect, type, and properly format all those citations. The good news is, there are some good, free software options now that will take care of at least part of that process for you.

The ISU Library supports three citation management programs:

All three of these programs offer the same basic features -- reference collection and organization, and citation generation; group sharing of references; notes and attachments -- and they all also have pros and cons. You'll have to investigate for yourself and decide which one would be best for you (and your group). If you aren't sure which to choose, contact your librarian.

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