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LIB 160: Information Literacy

Finding, evaluating, and using scholarly information

Course Information

This Guide presents general information about Lib 160: Information Literacy. Students currently enrolled in Lib 160 should log in to Canvas for specific information relevant to their class, including instructor information, specific due dates, course feedback, exam dates and times, and so on.

Lib 160: Information Literacy is a one credit university course taught by librarians & library staff and required for all undergraduate degrees. The course examines the use of research libraries and information resources, with an emphasis on finding, evaluating, and using scholarly information.


This course takes a step-by-step approach to the research process and orients you to the information literacy skills you need for college-level research. The skills introduced here are highly transferable and can be applied to every discipline. You will learn how scholarly information is produced, organized, and accessed; how to construct and use effective strategies in a variety of search tools; how to evaluate information resources for relevance and reputability; and how to use information ethically as you complete college assignments.


Office: 150 Parks Library, First Floor

Office Phone: (515) 294-4527

Contact: Jeffrey Kushkowski,

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