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Disability Awareness Week 2022

Library DEI Committee's online exhibit for Disability Awareness Week 2022

Share Your Story - QR code - Disability Awareness Week 2022

If you have a story or any experience with disability on campus, please share it! Responses will remain anonymous and will be used in a video for Disability Awareness Week. See also the DAW Schedule of Events

-Sponsored by the ISU Disability Awareness Week team; contact the Team with any questions about this project 

Welcome to our Disability Awareness Week 2022 Online Exhibit!

Disability Awareness Week 2022 graphic by Jordan Gongora using public domain icons

This Disability Inclusion online exhibit of recent books, streaming videos, and web resources has been created in recognition of Disability Awareness Week, which ISU observes during October 17-21, 2022. This year we also include a focus on the theme "Nothing About Us Without Us" first-person accounts as well as new and classic titles. Enjoy the exhibit's resources!

- Public Domain graphic; Design by Jordan Gongora


This exhibit created by ISU library DEI Committee members Susan Vega Garcia & Jeff Alger in collaboration with Digital Accessibility Specialist Jordan Gongora, ADA President Macey Hofer, students from the ISU Alliance for Disability Awareness (ADA) student organization, and all members of the ISU Disability Awareness Week Team. Many thanks to our collaborators!