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AGRON 342 / ENV S 342 / FS HN 342 / TSC 342 : World Food Issues

This course is cross listed as 342 with departments: AGRON, ENV S, FSHN, and TSC. This course guide is for students from the 342 class: World Food Issues: Past and Present.

Introduction and your assignment

This library guide was put together for students in the 342 course World Food Issues. As we talked about when you came to the library, there are many resources that are available to you. Although the library does have many other materials for you to use, and I encourage you to use them, this guide here should be able to provide you with most if not all of the guidance and information sources that you will need for your writing projects in the class.

World Hunger Map from the FAO

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). 2015. World Hunger Map 2015. Retrieved from: