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Laboratory Protocols & Methods

A guide to help users discover laboratory techniques and methods for research the life sciences and food science.

Protocols Available from ISU Libraries

This guide summarizes protocols and methods for the life sciences and food science that are available from the University Libraries.

The online and print resources listed on this guide are available to faculty, staff, and students affiliated with Iowa State University.

If you are aware of additional websites that offer protocols/methods, please send Heather the information, and a link will be added to this guide.


Protocols are publications outlining the methods, tools, and materials to complete a procedure in a laboratory.  These can be in-depth or very basic but should have enough information to replicate the experiment.   Some protocols will cover well established methodologies while others cover cutting edge techniques.  Most of the protocols in the following collections are related to biology or medicine.

The library's book collection is also a source for protocols and techniques. When using Quick Search, include search terms such as:

  • methodology
  • technique
  • analysis
  • laboratory manuals

For example, if you were searching for protocols related to cytology, your search might look like this:

  • cytology AND (methodology OR technique OR analysis)

Selected titles from the library collection include:


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