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Open Access

Tools and tips to help you make your research Open.

Open Access Publishing Support at ISU

Iowa State University supports Open Access publishing in multiple ways. Two of the most direct ways in which this support is provided include discounts on Open Access article publication charges (APCs) and grants which can support Open Access article and monograph publishing. 

The University Library also supports Open Access publishing more directly, through our Digital Press. The Iowa State University Digital Press publishes open access journals, conference proceedings, and monographs in subject areas represented in Iowa State’s curricular and research offerings. Besides existing journals, conference proceedings, and monographs created by Iowa State faculty, students, and staff, the Digital Press can also help create and host new publications!

Locating OA Publishers

The following tabs contain information about how to find Open Access journals and monograph publishers.

Locating OA Journals (ISU Subscription Tools)

There are a growing amount of pre-established research tools that can assist you to find Open Access journals. The tools below can also be used to find Closed Access journals and require Iowa State affiliation to log in.

Locating OA Journals (Open Tools)

DOAJ and ROAD directories include ONLY Open Access journals. You will not find subscription-only journals using these tools. OAS includes both Closed Access journals and Open Access journals.

Locating OA Monographs

DOAB can be used to locate individual OA books or OA book publishers. JSTOR also stores non-OA books and articles.

Remember: Sham journals, predatory publishers, and journals with little impact exist in both the Closed Access arena and the Open Access arena. Before publishing in any journal, authors should take time to investigate both the journal and the editorial board. If you are new to Open Access publishing, or publishing in general, please consider contacting an experienced researcher in your field, your subject librarian, or one of our guides on these subjects.

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