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GR ST 529: Preparing Publishable Thesis Chapters

Writing support for graduate students


This Guide has been developed for GR ST 529, taught by Sarah Huffman. Our Library session and this Guide are meant to help you learn how to find and evaluate journals for publishing.

Getting Started

Maybe you have a journal in mind. What are some quick steps for getting started?

  • Look for the Information for Authors section on the journal's website. Most journals place this information prominently to guide prospective authors to place their manuscripts with the journal and to follow publication directions in terms of style, subject scope, citation style, and how to submit. 

Here are some examples from a journal called Future Cities and Environment:

First, a statement about who they are, their history, and what types of subjects they publish:

Screenshot reads: "Future Cities and Environment publishes high quality multi-disciplinary research which aims to reduce the environmental impact of cities. Considering research in the areas of transport, urban planning, architecture and design, and energy and infrastructure, it publishes fundamental and applied research, critical reviews and case studies. This includes experimental development, demonstration and computer modelling."

Next, an overview of the peer review process and editorial board:

Screenshot: Peer review process for "Future Cities and Environment"

Then, a full list of links containing detailed guidelines:

Screenshot of article submission menu for "Future Cities and Environment"

Scholarly journals want to help potential authors from the beginning to lessen the possibility of receiving and rejecting articles that are totally out of scope for the publication or that need extensive retooling. The more you fit your manuscript to the journal's specifications before submission, the better your chances for sailing through the review and acceptance process.

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