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Environmental Science and Studies Research Guide

This guide serves all of Iowa State's environmental programs as well as the many courses that share themes of sustainability, resource management, and environmental awareness.

Welcome to the research guide for the environment

This guide has been custom built to assist with environmental science and environmental studies research. If you have any questions or suggestions I'd love to hear them. You can click the large "email me" button on each page to contact me.

- Megan, Your Environment Librarian

Getting started with environmental research

One of the challenges of environmental research is that it is multidisciplinary. In practical terms this means that you'll need to search multiple databases and change search terms to match different disciplines. 

Another challenge is that the words "environment" and "sustainable" are used in many different ways so searches with these words will need added context. Make sure to add other words to your search to narrow results down to what you need. As an example, "urban sustainable water use " is a better search than "sustainable water." 

Make sure to review the Search Tips & Tricks page if you're having trouble getting results and try consulting another research guide (some examples are below) or contacting a librarian for help.

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