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Data Management Plan Guide

Learn how to write a data management plan!

Excel Created Major Typos in 20% of Scientific Papers on Genes

Sometimes software works against us in odd ways. 

Image credit: Sanderson, Bill. 1990. Wellcome Library, London


Fear and outcry over an editorial that named researchers who reuse data "research parasites."

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Data Management SNAFU

5 minutes will show you just how bad it can get.

Your Data, Warts and All

Research is messy, and so is your data.

Welcome to the University Library Guide to 

Data Management Planning

This guide is an introduction to data management plans (DMPs) and data management planning.

The Iowa State University Library also provides access to the DMPTool which can help you write a data management plan. DMPTool offers templates for most agencies as well as some sample DMPs (the quality of the samples varies). It is recommended that you use this guide in tandem with DMPTool.

What's New


  • More detailed section on data sharing added, including information on data papers and data repositories. Feedback welcome at mno [@]




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