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Wikipedia Basics: Editing & Contributing

This guide will provide basic information about how to get started as an editor and contributor to wikipedia.

Tracking Changes

You can track changes made to your pages by adding them to your Watchlist.  Watching a page will allow you to set up email notification when changes are made, or an RSS feed for your list. 

Creating a New Entry

Before beginning your new article make sure you understand Wikipedia's notability requirements.  In other words, article topics must be "worthy of notice."   If the topic of your article has received significant coverage in reliable independent sources then it may be considered notable or "worthy of notice."   You might want to check Your first article a list of things to consider as you begin.  Finally, the Article Wizard to take you step by step though the submission process. 

Wikipedia will also allow you to:  Upload images

Remember Wikipedia has it's own Manual of Style (MoS).  The goal of this is to promote clarity and cohesion making Wikipedia easier to use for everyone.

Editing Existing Entries

​Things to remember:

  • Save your edits as you go.  The original editor has the ability to accept or undo your changes.  If you make all your changes before saving you limit their ability to accept some while undoing others. 
  • Add links other other Wikipedia pages.
  • Add citations from peer-reviewed articles or other highly regarded sources.

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