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Wikipedia Basics: Editing & Contributing

This guide will provide basic information about how to get started as an editor and contributor to wikipedia.

Simple rules

Ten Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia

  1. Register an account
  2. Learn the five pillars
  3. Be bold, but not reckless
  4. Know your  audience
  5. Do not infringe on copyright
  6. Cite, cite, cite
  7. Avoid shameless self-promotion
  8. Share your expertise, but don't argue from authority
  9. Write neutrally and with due weight
  10. Ask for help

Create your account

Click here to Create Your Wiki Account.

  • By logging into wiki your edits will be attributed to the user name you create rather than to your IP address.  
  • You will also have your own permanent user page where you can write about yourself, maintain a list of articles you've contributed to or written, and access other information from Wikipedia.  
  • Check here for a complete list of Benefits

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