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US LS 211: Introduction to Latino Studies

Guide for finding research materials for your assignments

What's in a Name?

hispanic * hispanic american * latino * latina * latinx * mexican * mexican american * chicano * puerto rican * boricua * salvadoran guatemalans * nicaraguan * colombians * cuban american * dominican * hispanics * peruvian * argentine * costa rican * * * * * * * * * *

Each index or database you search may use different names or descriptors for Latinos or specific Latino groups. You may need to explore to discover the vocabulary used by the database you're in.

2 Good Encyclopedias

Your Assignment - Library research

Your group assignment is to "research and present a report on US Latino/as within your particular major or area of study."  Some of you may have been assigned a topic such as Latinx in STEM fields, Latinx in Iowa and/or the Midwest, and so on.  This guide presents some resources and search strategies that may be helpful. 

First, you can easily find Latino-relevant books and more using Quick Search.Quick Search - latinos AND midwest

The search example latinos AND midwest shown above illustrates you can combine search terms with Booleans (AND, OR, NOT) in the default Simple Search mode of Quick Search. For more complex or more precise searching, go directly to Advanced Search via the link in the right corner, just below the search box.

Latinos in the Midwest - Exploring subject headings


Each of the books below deals with Latinx populations in the Midwest. Choose one of the books and enter its Quick Search record. Find and examine the subject headings. Are any of them interesting or relevant for finding more books like the one you chose? Select a subject heading, click it, and explore your results, looking at their subject headings also.
Turn to your neighbor now and compare notes. Did you see the same subject headings? Did your results differ - how?

ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ

ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ : ñ


Q. What did you notice about the subject headings?

Q. Were some more useful than others?

Q. Did you discover any additional books that might be useful?

Professional Organizations

Associations Unlimited - Search Interface example

green star  Search tips: You may not already know the name of organizations of interest. Choose Subject / Any Word Search on the database's home page. This takes you to the search interface shown in the graphic above.

In Free Text field, try using hispanic OR latino and then explore the Subject Descriptor drop-down. Choices there include various subject area organizations (like the category "Engineering, Technological, and Natural and Social Sciences Organizations" shown in the graphic above), plus geographical areas (e.g., "Northeastern States"), broad topics / types of organizations, and more.

You can also explore other drop-downs.  You don't have to fill in every area or use all drop-downs; in fact, it's a good idea to start simple to see what works.

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