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MLA Style Citation Guide 8th Edition

This guide will help users of the MLA Citation Style to adapt to the changes brought about by the latest edition of the MLA Style Guide, published in April, 2016.

Checklist of Changes

Main points:

  • "editor" is no longer abbreviated (book, book chapter)
  • publication place is no longer required (but the publisher is still necessary) (book, book chapter)
  • "vol." and "no." are now required before the volume and issue numbers of a scholarly journal article (journal article)
  • the p. or pp. (depending on whether the article is single-paged or contains multiple pages) is now required before the page numbers (book chapter, journal article)
  • Citing the date that an online article was accessed is no longer required (journal article)
  • The "http:// or https:// preface is no longer needed when citing online material