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Human Sciences for ISU Extension Specialists

This guide provides information about human sciences resources available to ISU Extension Field Specialists.

Databases & Indexes at ISU

Modifying your search

If you come up with zero results:
check your typing/spelling
-use fewer terms
-try synonyms

- use broader terms

If you find a good article/book, look through the description to see if you can find better terms to use in your search, or look for other things by the same author(s).

Basic Databases (not subject-specific)

Databases listed here are basic tools useful for finding journal, magazine, and newspaper articles. The second page of this guide provides more in-depth databases for advance research in HDFS.

Search Tips

Phrases - to search for a phrase or multiple word concept, use quote marks around the words - e.g., "teen parents"

Truncation - use * near the end of a word to specify you want it to search for multiple endings for a word - e.g., parent* - will find parent, parents, parenting.
Be careful where you truncate as you could end up with unintended words - e.g, pare* will find pared in addition to the above words.

Combining concepts (a.k.a. Boolean Operators):
AND - requires EACH word to be in the results - e.g., teens and dating and violence
OR - will find ANY of the word(s) in the results - e.g., teen or teenager
NOT - will find results that do NOT include the word(s) - e.g, toddlersnot babies

You can also do fairly complex combinations using parentheses:
(parent or parents) and "teenage*"
- this will bring back results that contain the terms teenage, teenager, teenagers andEITHER parent or parents. If you truncate parent* you would get other possibly relevant results including parenting, parenthood, etc.

In some databases, the connectors need to be in UPPERCASE while in others they do not.

In Google searches:
use + before a word to indicate it MUST appear in the results
use - before a word to indicate it must NOT appear in the results
Google ASSUMES you want an AND in between words unless you specify otherwise.

Your Librarian

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