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Graduate Students: Everything you need to know about the Library... but were afraid to ask!

Library Orientation for Grad Students & Post Docs


Social Sciences & Humanities at ISU Library

Welcome to Iowa State University and the Library.  Although this is a Sci/Tech school, we do have many strong graduate programs and collections in the Social Sciences and Humanities.  Each of you also has your own subject librarian, to whom you can turn for ideas and assistance in your research and teaching.   


Aside from our collections, we also have many services to make your research easier and more efficient.  Besides our subject librarians, we also offer on-the-spot reference services both face-to-face, by phone, and online.  Check out our Ask Us! page on our website.  Our research guides offer starting points for disciplinary research as well as other topics such as digital humanities, theses and dissertations, data management planning, and scholarly communication.  A few of them are listed on this page.


If you have any questions or cannot find what you are looking for in the library, please let us know! 

Top Ten Things Graduate Students Should Know about Using the Libraries

This video was created by Harvard University...but the information is applicable to graduate students at any university.

Guides that might be helpful for graduate students in the social sciences, arts, and humanities