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FS HN 554/555/556: Dietetics Internship

Guide with links to resources for those participating in the ISU Dietetics Internship program.


Which Log-in & Password Do I Use?

We are in the process of implementing a system where you can choose to log in with either your University Net-ID or your 11-digit University ID for off-campus access to online login requirements may change soon. For now, we have 2 different password systems, depending on what you are trying to access:

1. To use Interlibrary Loan - you will need to use your Net-ID and ISU email password. Your Net-ID is the prefix for your ISU email address - -

2. For most other purposes - you will need to use the last 11 digits of your University ID and a Library password that you set yourself. Set your own password here.


You may not have a physical ISUCard, but you do have an ISU University ID number (shown above). If you misplaced the number you were sent by Registrar staff, you can login to AccessPlus and verify your University ID number there. Use the last 11 digits of that number (meaning, the 9 digit University ID plus the following 2-digit Security Code) as your Off-Campus login.


Your Librarian

Lorrie Pellack's picture
Lorrie Pellack
Head of Research Services;
Librarian for FSHN & AgEdS
150 Parks Library
Ames, IA 50011-2140
Phone: 515-294-5569