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Streaming Videos: Collections and Guidelines

Great information on the Library's many streaming video packages & Course Reserve options!

Alexander Street products - Tips

  • Search all Collections: The ISU Library subscribes to numerous digital collections from the publisher Alexander Street. Not all of these products include streaming videos! The primary AS collections with streaming video are American History in Video and Filmakers Library Online. Enter those products directly and avoid using the Search all Collections link if you are looking only for streaming videos.  
  • The Embed feature in American History in Video and Filmakers Library Online is currently not working with Blackboard. Until this is resolved, please use the permalink to link within Blackboard to videos from these two platforms.

Blackboard Embed - Films on Demand

In Films on Demand, find your film and choose Share > Embed Code.  BE SURE to use Alternate Embed Code.  Click the word Highlight to copy the embed code.

In Blackboard, create an Item.  In html view, paste the embed code and save.

Films on Demand - Embed in Blackboard

Use Videos from our Streaming Video Subscriptions!

The thousands of streaming videos included in our streaming video subscriptions are fully licensed and ready for you to use in your classroom, whether online or face-to-face. 

You can link or embed these videos in your Blackboard course pages. See examples below. We encourage you to help us test this feature - do let us know promptly if there are any problems.

Be aware that students connecting from off campus will need first to login to your library borrower account to access / view the linked or embedded video within Blackboard.

American History in Video - Embed test

Embedding from Filmakers Library Online - TEST

Embedding a film from Filmakers Library Online into your Blackboard course pages or a LibGuide is easy: Find your film and click Embed / Link.  Copy the embed code and paste it into the html view of your Blackboard page or LibGuide - save and you're done!

View this simple process on our Screencast video:

FYI Filmakers Library Online offers code for just one embed size, but you could probably experiment with altering the code to make the width/height larger or smaller.  (Remember that the person viewing your embedded video can always watch "as is" or choose to view full-screen by clicking Filmakers' full-screen icon in the lower right corner of your embedded video.)

Embedding from Films on Demand Online - TEST

Embedding a film from Films on Demand into your Blackboard pages or LibGuide is simple:  Find your chosen film and click the Share link and then choose Embed Code.  Choose the size you want to display on your Blackboard page or LibGuide and copy the code - remember the user can always choose to view full-screen if desired.  (The embed size displayed on this Guide is "Small", or 420px width x 390px height.) Now go to the html view of your Blackboard page or your LibGuide and paste and save.  You're done!

See this simple process on our short Screencast video:

Embedding from Kanopy - TEST

Embedding a Kanopy film into Blackboard or a LibGuide is an easy process.  Click the embed tab for your chosen film.  Choose the size you want to display on your Blackboard page or LibGuide, then copy the embed code.  (The embed size shown on this Guide is "Medium".  The person viewing the embedded film can always choose to enlarge to full screen if desired.)  Access the html source page and paste in the embed code, and save. View the results on your page!

See this easy process via our short Screencast video:

Primo Quick Search test

Some of our licensed streaming videos require the Library to store the streaming video files and stream them from our own servers. These videos currently are available for viewing ONLY within Quick Search results.

This is a test whether these locally hosted streaming videos can be embedded.  The example here is Maquilapolis and its Quick Search video link (not the permalink) coded as an iframe. (The permalink brings in the catalog record etc with the video available via the Online resource link, not the best embed choice.)

Use the following code and insert the Quick Search url that appears in your browser's search box when you play the video.

Embed Code: <p><iframe frameborder="5" height="390" src="insert your url here" width="470"></iframe></p>

You may need to experiment with adjusting the frame height and width values. You can see in our example that downward and sideways scrolling is necessary - though one can always choose to view full screen.  The user control icons are visible when you scroll downward.

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