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Streaming Videos: Collections and Guidelines

Great information on the Library's many streaming video packages & Course Reserve options!

Course Reserve Requests

Instructors: Please use our Course Reserve Submission form to create your course list, and to submit requests for streaming video(s).

Please review this page for more information.

Requesting Streaming Videos for your Distance Course

Course Reserve Processing staff are constantly working on processing campus-wide requests. We began our video streaming pilot project years ago.  If you've reviewed the Rights & Permissions information on this Guide, you'll understand there are many complex issues to address in the process of seeking to fulfill your video streaming Course Reserve requests. Besides using our online Course Reserve Submission form, here are some suggestions for expediting your requests:

#1. Please let us know your video streaming needs well in advance of start of semester, whenever possible.

#2. If requesting more than one video, please be sure to clearly prioritize your title requests as it may not be possible to buy all requested titles and necessary rights.
(Be aware that video distributors typically charge libraries an institutional price that is far more costly than the average consumer video. Digital streaming rights very often represent an additional significant cost tacked onto the cost of the video/video files. One requested title and its streaming rights can easily represent close to $500. Others may be much more affordable.)

#3. Please let us know your intended timeline. This is especially important if you are requesting more than one streaming video title. Course Reserve Processing staff will need to know in advance which critical titles are needed for your class first.

#4. Plan to use the same title another semester? Let us know that in advance. Digital streaming rights are typically based on specific time frames - one semester, one year, 3 years, etc. Note that prices often increase for longer periods of time. If available and practical / affordable, we do seek "In Perpetuity" streaming rights whenever possible.