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Education Research Guide

Tools and resources for finding research and information in Education subject areas

Two Login Accounts

The Library uses two accounts that you may need to use to login for different purposes:  My Account and your Borrower ID account.

My Account

My account on our Library website allows you to create your own booklists, renew items you've checked out, and so on, but it does not give you access to our subscription articles, journals, databases, etc. when you're off campus. 
Off-campus access

For off-campus access to our articles, journals, and databases, you'll need to login using your ISU Net-ID or your Library Borrower ID (your unique 11-digit ISUCard number) and your Library password.  When you are off-campus and you click on one of our subscription databases, journals, full-text articles, or streaming videos, a login box will appear and guide you through these steps.

The login screen has 2 options for signing on. You may use your ISU Net-ID or your 11-digit ISU card login and a password you set up yourself.

Using Quick Search to Find eBooks

Do a search in Quick Search on your topic of interest. You can use either Simple or Advanced Search. On your search results screen, look to the Tweak my results menu to find the Full Text Online filter. Now narrow your Quick Search results first by clicking Full Text Online. 

Image showing quick search Tweak my results limiting options. The box is checked in front of Full Text Online, which will help limit materials to electronic books.

You should now have primarily ebooks in your search results; some dissertations and other digital materials may also be included. To further narrow your search results, just use other facets on Quick Search's Tweak my results menu on your search results screen.

Book from quick search results list that is available both in print (indicated through the existence of a call number on the record) and in ebook format (indicated by the inclusion of a link that says online access).

Note that ebooks will be indicated by the words Online access or Full text available in the record; print books will list a call number. Above is an example of a book that the Library owns both as an ebook and as a traditional print book, so it has a link for online access as well as a call number listed for the location of the print book in the library shelves. 

Finding eBook Collections

In the Library website, you'll find our major ebook packages under the Article Indexes and Databases link. Two of our major ebook packages that have growing collections of education-relevant ebooks are Ebrary Academic Complete and the eBook Collection from EBSCO. You can enter either one of these packages and search them directly. If you know a specific ebook title or author, you can also use Quick Search to find and access the ebook.

Education titles in eBook Collection from EBSCO

When you find an ebook of interest in EBSCO's eBook Collection, you can access more information about the book online by clicking the title or dig right into the book content by clicking the PDF Full Text link below the citation. Some features may require you to log into EBSCO. You'll need to first create a free My EBSCOhost account. (That account is something you set up independent from your ISU accounts, and is different from your ISU Library Account.)

Off-campus access

You will be prompted to login either using your ISU Net-ID or your ISU Library Borrower ID (the last 11 digits on your ISUCard) and your Library Password (something you set up independent from your Net-ID) to be able to access licensed ebook content such as EBSCO's eBook Collection. Downloaded or saved PDF files from the EBSCO eBook Collection can be read by Nook or Kindle.

The login screen has 2 options for signing on. You may use your ISU Net-ID or your 11-digit ISU card login and a password you set up yourself.


Not all ebooks can be downloaded in their entirety, primarily because of copyright and digital licensing issues. Not every ebook in EBSCO's eBook Collection will have multiple reading format options (PDF, EPUB, Download, etc.). 


You will find that ebooks in this collection may limit the number of pages you can save as PDF files. You will receive a "secured" PDF file that cannot be edited, just read. PDFs you save or email to yourself or others will also include an EBSCO watermark and copyright statement on every page.

Education ebooks in eBrary

In eBrary, you can read ebooks of interest online just by clicking the title link. You can scroll and page through content, or use table of contents and search features to navigate quickly through the various chapters. You can print and save pages with some restrictions. If you set up an optional free account with eBrary, you'll also be able to make your own annotations and notes, along with other reader support features.

Off-campus access

Remember you will be prompted to login with your ISU Net-ID or ISU Library Borrower ID in order to access and read online the full-text ebooks in eBrary.

image showing list of ebooks from ebrary and then a box next to it that says "to download please sign in. You will be taken to Iowa State University's sign in page."


Be aware that not all ebooks in eBrary will be available for downloading. The eBrary ebook collection also requires that you set up a free account on their own system if you wish to download a book in its entirety. To read a downloaded book offline, you will also need to download and install on your computer the ebook reader called Adobe Digital Editions, which is different than Adobe Reader. If you want to read on your smart phone or iPad (iPhone, Android), you will need to install the Bluefire Reader. See eBrary's FAQ / Help files for more info.


Be aware that full downloads of eBrary books are temporary due to copyright and licensing issues. Throughout eBrary you'll find references to how many pages you can copy/print and how long downloaded files last. After the stated number of days, your downloaded file of the entire ebook will become unreadable. In eBrary, you are borrowing this copyrighted content.

Springer e-Book Collection

You can use any one of the facets on Springer Link's left menu to further narrow your Education ebook search results. See graphic below for examples.

Springer ebook facets highlighting Education and Language and subdisciplines

However, a major caveat of Springer ebooks is that only content published since 2011 is open to read or download. Content published before 2011 is locked (not available even for online reading). Instead, throughout Springer you will encounter the option to buy a copy of the ebook or a single chapter. You will see a yellow padlock icon indicating titles that are locked.

You may occasionally find 2015-2016 titles locked. These titles may not yet be published - keep checking on them in Springer ebooks for them to be unlocked when they are finally released. For available titles, you have a nice option of ordering a soft-cover print version of the title, for a fraction of the cost the print book would normally cost you.

When you need any pre-2011 titles you encounter in Springer ebooks, we strongly recommend you use Interlibrary Loan to borrow these titles/chapters for free!

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