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Librarian Research Resources: Other Research Outcomes

This guide provides research resources to assist academic librarians, who choose to do research, in their promotion. This provides support to library faculty members’ in their research component for their tenure, or post-tenure review.

Besides publishing articles?

There are other types of scholarship outcomes that will help in Promotion and/or Tenure cases. Some of these ideas can be used to help "present" your research ideas and the progress you have made so far. Presentations and poster sessions at conferences can help you with feedback on your research so that you have a better chance of getting your research article published.

Other outcomes can provide personal satisfaction and help the profession. Writing book reviews would fall in this category.

The tabs under this page can help identify venues to help you locate information about both of these outcomes. Remember, though, that these outcomes are only supplemental. They will not substitute for scholarly, peer-reviewed articles in your Promotion and/or Tenure cases.