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Visitors Guide to Research Resources

This guide is intended to alert campus visitors to research resources that are available to them from the ISU Libraries - both remotely and on-campus.

Yes, please feel free to use our computers!

Computer workstations are available in a variety of locations in the Parks Library and branch facilities, including labs, book stacks, and study areas.

Most of our workstations are unrestricted and do not require a specialized login.

  • All computers provide access to the e-Library and Internet - feel free to surf
  • All are equipped with USB ports to accommodate flash drives
  • All have word processing available to make it handy to write papers as you locate information you need
  • Most computers are networked to nearby laser printers or photocopiers. Non-affiliated users can send print jobs to a photocopier for 20 cents a page but we recommend downloading materials to a personal flash drive instead of printing (to save money).
  • Some computers also provide specialized hardware/software features, and/or printing capabilities. See Software Available in the Library for more detailed information.

Your Librarian

Lorrie Pellack's picture
Lorrie Pellack
Librarian for FSHN & AgEdS;
Head of Research Services Dept.
150 Parks Library
Ames, IA 50011-2140
Phone: 515-294-5569