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U ST 301: Orientation and Introduction to Academic Research

McNair Seminar I

Scholarship as Conversation: You as Active Participant

As a student, you enter the scholarly conversation when ... engage with the ideas you read in the scholarly literature discuss ideas in class or in discussion boards online prepare and give a class presentation read works by others and then write your own paper citing & responding to those works through your own ideas present a poster at a research conference give a presentation at a research conference

Annotated bibliographies & literature reviews show that you understand the scholarly conversation(s) in your field and that you're ready to take on an active role as a participant

You as Peer Reviewer

Group Discussion:  Let's take a look at the following items, with you in the role of a peer reviewer.  What suggestions might you have for the authors of these items?



For this activity, you will need to login to your Google account to use this interactive worksheet. When you are finished with all the questions, please submit the form.

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