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Open Access

Tools and tips to help you make your research Open.

Iowa State University does not have an official policy or mandate for Open Access. 

Like most aspects of research, each discipline interacts with Open Access in a different ways. If you are an early career researcher ask a mentor or senior faculty member in your field about Open Access in your department or discipline. 

The Board of Regents of the State of Iowa does note the importance of retaining intellectual property rights associated with articles and scholarly work. The importance of retaining intellectual property rights extends well beyond the conversation of Open Access.

The Board strongly encourages faculty, students, and employees of Regent institutions to seek to retain intellectual property rights to the articles and reports that they publish in scholarly journals and equivalent types of publications where feasible and appropriate without detriment to publishing agreements.  Doing so on a systematic basis will ensure the widest possible dissemination at the lowest cost.  Each institution shall be responsible for providing information, advice, and assistance to faculty, students, and employees to achieve this aim. (Board of Regents, State of Iowa. Policy Manual, 6.15

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