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FS HN 480: Professional Communication in FS HN

This guide is designed to help FSHN 480 students locate specific types of articles and use EndNote to move those citations into a Word document for a class assignment.

Search Tips

Use "and", "or" to link concepts:

  • (chocolate OR cacao) AND (health OR nutrition)

Use quotation marks if searching for an exact phrase:

  • licorice AND "blood pressure"

Truncate search terms if appropriate. Adding an * at the end of a word will search for alternate word endings. For example, clon* will retrieve cloning, clone, clones, clonal.

Finding Articles

The ISU Library subscribes to many different article databases. The complete list is available under"Article Indexes & Databases" on the Library's website.


Off-campus access to ISU Library resources requires logging in with your Net-ID and ISU email password. To make this process easier, we recommend you log in to My Library Card on the library home page and it will remember you as a valid ISU user until you close your Internet browser.

     Get it @ ISU

Any time you see EITHER of the above logos – click on it and it will help connect you to electronic full-text, or see if we have the paper version of the journal in the library. It will also supply you with a seamless link to requesting journal articles through Interlibrary Loan.

Exporting Citations

Once you find articles you like, you can save/mark them and then export them to use in EndNote. These steps vary for different databases:


  • Select records – look for Send to in upper right – click on it and select Citation Manager
  • If you are using Internet Explorer - it will ask you to login to EndNote Web and automatically move your citation into your ENW account.
  • For all other browsers - you will need to save the file and import it manually
    • Save file - and notice file name will be a .nbib record
    • In EndNote Web – use Collect / import references / Choose file, Import Option “PubMed” - Do NOT pick PubMed Central – just PubMed.

Academic Search Premier and Food Science & Technology Abstracts

  • Click on blue folder on the RIGHT side of articles you like (this will move articles to a folder)
  • When you are done selecting articles and are ready to export them, click on Folder View.
  • Click on Exportuse “direct export to EndNote Web”
  • Open EndNote Web (or reload browser) - the articles you exported should already be in ENW - left side of screen in a folder called "unfiled"

Your Librarian

Lorrie Pellack's picture
Lorrie Pellack
Librarian for FSHN & AgEdS;
Head of Research Services Dept.
150 Parks Library
Ames, IA 50011-2140
Phone: 515-294-5569